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What We Do

Our Programs:

Skills for Life / Success

Inspire Her Foundation provides skill set seminars/ camps, education and mentorships our members and rotating communities across America. Our members participate in program activities, experiences, internships and seminars to learn life fundamentals; such as balancing an account, public speaking, etc. These skills build the knowledge/ experiences  in one that will increase / aid confidence and resilience in enabling them to set and achieve their goals and lead productive, independent, and fulfilling lives.

Healthy Living

Engage in local communities where we work with today’s youth to promote healthy lifestyles. Consume whole foods, move your body and view their bodies in a positively. They develop the motivation and practical skills to take charge of their health today and throughout their lives.

Academic Enrichment & Support

Through our fundraising events and corporate sponsors, we partner with high schools across America to fund scholarship awards and college application aid.